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This is piece is encased in a beautiful black frame and was framed by the talented Ken Irby of Bluebonnet Art Gallery in De Soto Texas (USA).

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The paper used is Shizen Professional Grade Watercolor Paper which is acid free and has a rough surface texture.

This is a unique one-of-a-kind museum mounted artwork that will not be reproduced. It is a 5×7 image in a 9×12 final size wooden frame with museum glass.

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This is a unique one-of-a-kind museum mounted artwork that will not be reproduced. It is in a Larson Jewel wooden frame with museum glass.

Museum Framing: refers to the strict use of materials and techniques that provide protection to framed works of art on paper. Paper is sensitive to its surroundings as it can be adversely affected by dampness, changes in temperature and humidity, restriction of movement, and exposure to light. Paper will also react to the materials it comes into contact with such as acidic support boards and self adhesive tapes which museum archival framing does not use.

Museum glass: is a clarity, reflection control glass (often referred to as non-reflection glass or art glass). Where normal sheet glass is just that, normal glass, Museum Glass controls reflection from surrounding light sources, as well as being super clear so you can see more detail on your piece. It is called Museum Glass, because it is a museum grade product used to ensure you can see exactly what is happening in the piece no matter what the lighting design for an exhibit is, as well as help protect the art from elemental damage. It is the product that leaves you wondering whether there is even glass on that painting or not, searching for a reflection that will give it away.

Dimensions 12 × 9 in

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