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The Real West is tough country where cattle and horses form the backbone of the families that fight on to preserve their heritage and way of life. He initially took a different path, studying art at the University of Southern California, and, in 1960, trying our for the U.S. Gymnastics Team with the sponsorship from cowboy actor Big Boy Williams. But the acting profession came calling. It was deeply rooted in the young man, who, after all, had actor Chill Wills help him take his first steps as a baby. Buck began his acting career in the fifties working in television. He is best remembered for his eight-year run as Newly on Gunsmoke which ended in 1975. Buck has continued nonstop for the next sixty years with roles in such films as Tombstone in 2004, new the release of Comancheria in 2016


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The 60th Anniversary of “GunSmoke”.

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The Young Deputy of Dodge

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