The expedition goes on and on with a complete reference to the history of Buck Taylor’s prominent roles and guest appearances in television shows. This page examines the works and events within the years of (the character’s) Buck Taylor’s film, including chapters on each of Buck Taylor’s feelings enlightening us to his humble beginnings as an actor. Buck Taylor was one of many America’s best-loved entertainers in the 50s for approximately seven decades. He was known for his conscientious ideologies and inspirational slant to his language and became a multitalented performer, screen, and television star. Buck Taylor worked alongside Chill Wills, guiding him from the beginning at an utmost favorable and memorable appearance on “Gun Smoke” as Newly O’ Brien. Over the years, he has presented a counterpoint of talents fulfilled of generosity, and his odyssey is 60 years of acting from the 1960s and is still premiering on his latest show, “Yellowstone.” Buck Taylor is also highly creative, and he knew who he wanted to be. He took a classes at Chenard Art Institute where he was in touch with his forte in high school and became an artist. 

“Coming up with ideas is the easiest thing on earth, however listening to the voices is the hardest thing to fulfill your belief.” -Olivia Grace.

Buck Taylor once said in the late 2000s, “Good guys win, and bad guys lose” (Taylor Buck. Personal interview. 01 October 2021). 

His entire life changed once he began to paint, he was a great believer in Jesus, and his belief has made an emotional impact in his life. Therefore, he asked God, “how do I start and guide me.” He then vowed towards his calling; it is vital to remember who we are in Christ because of these moments, therefore be careful what you pray for and try not to doubt yourself in anything you would like to pursue.

Notable Roles

1. Trading Paint (2019) as Ben
2. Color Me You (2017) as Richard Donnegan
3. Hell or High Water (2016) as Old Man
4. Bender (2016) as Sheriff J.E. Stone
5. Canyon Trail (2015) as Marshal Trevor Cooper
6. The Hard Ride (2013) as Marshal Gannon
7. The Road to Valhalla (2013) as Union Veteran
8. Palominas (pre-production – 2013). . . Frank Taylor
9. The Big Valley (2012) as Sheriff Munroe
10. The Legend of Hell’s Gate (2011) as W.H. ‘Pete’ Snyder
11. Cowboys & Aliens (2011) as Wes Claiborne
12. Cactus Creek (2010) as Marshal Trevor Cooper
13. Comanche Moon (2008)(TV). . . Old Ben Lilly
14. The Mist (2007). . . Ambrose Cornell
15. The Wendell Baker Story (2007)
16. Flicka (2006). . . Wagner
17. Wild Michigan (2006). . . Rugged Bil
18. The Hard Ride (2006). . . Dick Seymour

TV Guest Appearances

1. “Yellowstone” (2018) as Emmett Walsh
2. “Billy and the Bandit” (2016) as Jesse
3. “Indiscretion” (2016) as Abe
4. “Home on the Range” (2016) as Trube Reese
5. “Rectify” (2016) as Zeke
6. “Rodeo & Juliet” (2015) as Judge Lawrence
7. “Young Riders, The”(1989) playing “Mr.Metcalf” in episode: “The Presence of Mine Enemies” (episode #3-5) 9 November 1991
8. “Paradise” (1988) in the “The Women” (episode #3-3) 25 January 1991
9. “Walker, Texas Ranger”(1993) playing “Sheriff” in episode: “Miracle at Middle Creek” (episode #4-25) 11 May 1996
10. “Walker, Texas Ranger”(1993) playing “Longan Reno” in episode: “War Zone” (episode #3-15) 11 February 1995
11. “Knots Landing” (1979) playing “Fred Morgan” in episode: “Eye of The Beholder” (episode # 13-2) 26 September 1991
12. “Knots Landing” (1979) playing “Fred Morgan” in episode: “The Question Game” (episode # 13-2) 19 September 1991
13. “Knots Landing” (1979) playing “Fred Morgan” in episode: “The Gun Also Rises” (episode # 13-1) 12 September 1991
14. “Dalles” (1978) playing “Detective Bussey” in episode: “The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire” (episode #14-21) 2 April 1991
15. “Dalles” (1978) playing “Detective Bussey” in episode: “Father and Sons and Fathers and Sons” (episode #14-16) 8 March 1991

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